Strange for me

I feel an over whelming urge to ask the person i’m with one on one, to try and write a poem. That will engage them, divulge deeper lying feelings.
My lack of understanding of you, may bring about anger.
Anger. Consciousness. Conscience. Ego. Violence against itself. Super-ego. Concepts. Fear. Morals. Morality. Mortality.

That feeling of drunk- to be singing quite seriously in the streets.
To think, that communication is just people nodding. When you say something, people nod, they give feedback, they recycle what you’ve said in their own words; their own personal touch and understanding. But when they don’t understand they have to act strange? “No, what? No, I don’t get it, frown”
New ideas, concepts are rare maybe. But there questions arise, and breakdowns do occur.

I remember the first time I saw the OC. I told the mundane story, it illicited very little response, but proved another colour and layer to the quilt, the knitted crochet, (all grand[respectable]-mother’s mundane stories make sense now, they were just knitting a quilt), a base, a mood.
What then bubbles to the surface?

Oh, you completed your masters of medicine. “as long as your happy”
Oh you’re working on the farm this summer? “yeah keeping busy” –
“Well… as long as you’re doing something” (economists wet dream).

Isn’t it great to think, that someone might pick up on one great idea during the night, it won’t just be forgotten. They think about it, pull it apart, take it home with them and explore it further. Remember it, share it with the world. Become it.
Pavlov and his dogs, he went home after and interesting chat with some buddies down at the pub, clung to an idea and blam. PROGRESS.
All his other pals went on to talk about micro-herb-gardens. [they were ahead of their time]. But it’s interesting to think that the many topics broached can easily be forgotten.

The double standard “what are you studying” -wanna talk about it? no
how about: “Where do you work” – wanna talk about it? no

Sexist mind.
Masculine man (what does that mean).
Funny woman *why was I surprised.
eftpos is slow (she pretended to finish a bottle of wine) -seamless, confident delivery.

I asked a woman quite simply if she was going to drink Baileys from a shoe.
she said “no…”
I said (deadpan) “ok then”.

Has anyone seen fifth element?
*spew white light out my mouth and stun the asteroid where I stand, sorta moment.

Its 50% luck.
“oh yeah, how do you figure? what’s the other percentage? -you fucking moron. Why not give me a fraction, can you say something else completely idiotic for me?”
Timing is everything

What can we take from that?
1: Isn’t taking people out of context great.
2: i forget the other 2 points.
3: also forgotten.

* I think your point before Patrick.
(by this stage i was in stitches)

Megan the accidental joker in the past, rowan speaking my mind – but kindly, making the joke, and me being all too aware.

Rowan, nickname Romance. haha

Talking about money can be taboo. Its a big part of self worth.
Society values your time, effort; the work you do, for the outputs.

The weather?
I’d rather not.
Is it cold outside? Don’t take my word for it.
You should check.

Lets go deeper, right now, not the weather, something deeply personal about yourself. Then we can talk weather. *does not compute.

Simple transaction conversation.
that’s why we don’t all speak in poetry.

Simple, but good.

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