Why would you do this to yourself?
Setting an example to others, as to what not to be.
We suppose you think you’re smart.
But can you keep it up? You’re killing yourself. But change is up to you.
And you alone. People want things from you. But yield not.
Why wont you change, for yourself. For how the image you surround yourself and others is a pit-fall. Filler with darkness and madness. I can’t understand. And so my anger rises. And the tendrils will whip, destroy and lash. They are a disiease. You are dying, and spreading. We are afraid.

Half a liver.
Swollen joints.
Hospital, detox.
The spark gone-
From sunken, tired or confused eyes.
Mumble your mumbo jumbo.
Nonsense! Strike you down.
These scars I will bear.
Because you, the love you’ve given; runs deepest.
How can I repay you. Why are you doing this to me.
Why won’t anyone talk about this.
I’m afraid.
I’m so angry.
Help yourself.

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