Let the moment flow dtf

Let the moment flow through you. Allow yourself a memory, don’t think about the past. Consider your actions and the influences that they will have but don’t get ensnared in your future. The fears and shackles that come with such things turn you ghostly.


Down to fuck?
Drink to forget.

My mind has been crippled with societal thinking. Too broad. They make me sad.
Why must I entertain such ideas. Alas, Alack.
Tragic sentiment on my part. So much time shuffled, stored, sniped, spooned and squandered. How else? -I wonder.

Memory is a strange old thing.
Its the warden of your functioning mind and body.
You can’t feel all the pain you’ve ever felt. The body forgets, it heals, it carrys on. The mind, fickle, forgetful, wonderful.
Remember all the bad things you say… Remember all the good.
Laughing with hysterics constantly? What kind of life is that.
You’d wear out fast. Thank god for the rose tinted filter. The grey,
The black, the white, the chalkboard erased. Only the fait lines of yesterday much less yester-year. Faint faint faint.
Pass out. Zonk out. Don’t drudge up pld memories. Nobody is impressed. Your memory. Its the past. Passed by, endured. Learn if you can. Make new memories. It will get better. And soon other people will count on you.

Remember yesterday. Tell me tomorrow. Just how awkward it was.

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