Aint that something

Its obvious.
Mental health and its connection to physical health.
Fuel for a good life.
Consistent life.
A diet that changes.
A person that changes.
We are so so so
“sososososososo” – japan
Fickle. On the move,
something in the wings.
For good and bad.

Everything is not alright.
Alcohol won’t numb the pain of that fact.
Pain is inevitable
Suffering is optional.

Encountering suffering will contribute to the elevation of your spiritual practice,
provided you are able to transform the calamity and misfortune into a (the) path.

Walk down that path.
The pain is but one of the many stones.
Its grit.
Its black ice.
Its a boulder for you to clamber over.
You walk above it.
Mind and body.
Travers your suffering.
Embrace the pain.

Avoid the snapshot of life.
You aren’t frozen.
Your will must endure,
Be resolute, and understand that once you have achieved you must continue to do so; otherwise become recumbent. Slack. Sloth. Slobbish.
Endure, stay strong, treat yourself.

Jon, Happy 29th. We’re growing old together aren’t we. “FURROUT!” Racing through life.
Let’s be, shall we.
Be happy.
See and Si.

What do you get Melbourne’s most eligible bachelor.
A balloon ride?

“But Mister! I wanted a red balloon” *pop*

Now for sushi with papa. Deep, dark discussions ahoy.

And then exchange. Organise! Plan plan PLAN.

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