Straight talking

Say what you mean.
If I didn’t want to talk to you about my girlfriend its because we were talking about other things.
You didn’t ask.
I don’t feel comfortable bringing it up with you.
You don’t want to see me?

Yes, somewhat.
I feel like i’ve been ensnared into giving you lifts everywhere. That’s not gonna fly.
I shaved today in the shower.
Played catch with my sister.
Bought my brother a dressing gown.
Made Japanese style soup. 1raw egg. Delicious.

A guy put the fear on us: at the waterworks. Said we had to watch out for snakes. No shoes, walking through the bush. I get it. But he somehow totally brained Megan. “I hate snakes, i cant go on, this is a bad idea, i hate you seeing me like this, i’m too unfit to walk up hills, too uncoordinated to walk downhills” and on and on.

Organised a fair bit of stuff for the week up-comming.
State cinema @12:40.
Australia trip.
Exchange tomorrow.
All the pieces are falling into place.

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