Sunday effin treat

Wrote out the invitations for the party!
Gotta study more, and organise exchange and such. ZUG ZUG.

Tinder. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Hung out with friends today in the sun.
Watched “The World’s End”. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Classic.
A little to think about. Dramatic change in movie style mid-way through.

Work this week,
See Bec Hart.
Hopefully catch up with Bianca Payne.
Gotta crunch out some Uni. My god I do.
Had the best kick in the sun today.
One touch game, Volley Game, 3 v 3.
Good times. Ate some fruit.
Bought some reisling and figs and cheese and almonds and dates.
Played Cambio with Wil, Sol, Jaz. It was great.
Lots to think about and look forward to.
Positive headspace.

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