Bianca Payne.
Organised. Something humanity does.
The proactive human condition. Co-ordinating movements and information.
She’s something else. She is number one for me. On the podium.
I admire so many things about her. Her drive, attitude and good nature.
Today was splendid.
Wayyy la-much sunshine.

Saw Bec.
Had black coffee.
Had a fresh OJ.

Saw Ben.
Talked opportunites.
Talked knees.

What is it with people showing phone videos?
What is it with snapchat, pictures?

Who wants to know?
Who cares?

Where is your poetic licence?
Where is the story telling, picture painting, all encompassing, moment capturing?

I shared my time saving idea.
I lost my words, but explained how humanity marks improvements.

Reading about modernism and the marked changes that have happened throughout its time period.

Is postmodernism just consumerism?

Is the grouping of these movements/marked changes just the human conditions furthermore organising and grouping? Like calling a group of people flappers or hipsters or scene kids or whatever?

Modernism, politics of sex and gender, modern living! Cars & Communication are updated. An observation of the human condition; undergoing great change. But time is continuous. What’s changed? Are we SO modern? That we become ‘post’ that. Post-modernity. Therefore, we can look back. Can we look inwards?

Can we look at ourselves in a glass case?
What does faulkner suggest? What does the dead woman represent? What do words mean? Are words inherently poetic? Does art offer an opportunity to represent a thing, that then changes either through word attachment and therefore change what the word means/ our own understanding?

Freud. Subconcious word association = WILD.
Read some heavingly heavy stuff today. Gotta reboot.

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