The weekend

The weekend has passed.
I’ve started jogging again.

I need to read “great expectations”
I feel that is a magical word.

Feminism work due tomorrow.
Acid all gone.

Feeling a bit strung out.
Made myself better with food.

Ate half a cake,
Lots of potato.

Tomorrow I will hopefully feel strong.
Called Declan, saw Wil and Phil.

A wasted afternoon.
Which is to say,

Walked, talked and felt sick.
One good day of study tomorrow –

Will get me back on track.
My Knee might start playing up.

I have a driving test later in the week.
Need to fill out those forms.

Birthday is over. XXIV!
I feel like there is a lot for me still to do.

Shannon is coming down,
I need to organise end of the year trip.

It will all come together – don’t you worry about that.
Happy Happy times.

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