Zero Zero Zero Zero


I meet your blank stare with silence.
You’re choices, schizophrenia?
Where is the sensible compliance?
Chaos theory; racked with fear.

Tired, napped, worked, ran and wasted.
My day plodded by,
I think Sophie and her boyfriend are on the rocks.
The people in this computer lab are playing bingo.

BINGO. 15/08/1991.
It snowed for my birthday. I was late.
My aunt crashed her mum’s car.

I treated myself. Too much coffee,
The internet went down.
I got my results back for accounting, fuck I can’t believe that I did so poorly.
How not to teach  course. Thanks you pricks.

I set up a massage,
i’ve been jogging.
Angry young man.
Nobody around me.
Radio silence. I don’t know what I want.
But not this.
Feminism article to write. Every Friday I do this. What the fuck…

I should have gone to bed at 9.
I just thought i’d treat myself, you know.
Moron. 24 years, and you’ve learnt nothing.
Congratulations. Nobody cares. Life is a jelly bean left out in the sun.
Irony Irony Irony Irony.

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