I’m just trying to work it out.

Is the fact that you’re out of your mind-
not yourself. Drunk, trying to be edgy.
obnoxious. Noxious, smoking.
Light that cigarette, let it burn like the candle.
Each one added, a removal, a year past.

Could it possibly be,
That you’re absence.
Half the time,
Engaged in your fantasy land.
Best avoided.
So when you are yourself,
its special! Hilarious!
We have to make the most of these moments.
Not especially enlightened.

revelation. When are you worth my time?
Mother issues.
Where does the issue lie?
With society?
If you can be sustained.

Ah, a green reading of my life.
Is alcoholism sustainable?
What if you get famous after you die.

There’s a wonder of the social consciousness.

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