Happy Mondays! I need a rest.
Still feeling a bit strung out, but I submitted some homework.
Just keep knocking ’em out they say.
Had a good chat to Declan last night,
Went for a walk in the rain. The world is beautiful when its dusk, raining and the lights come on.

I had a great chat to John Armstrong, a philosopher that comes into the cafe that I work at.
He’s an intellectual and I enjoy the challenge of being verbose and succinct with the things I say.

He said “you can’t be philosophizing all the time”. I think that’s amazing.
I looked up the word savant. “idiot savant” is something tied in very closely with that idea it seems.
Basically autistic people having a focus. Its funny imagine that you could just be a savant.
Like what would it take to be that focussed. What kind of sacrifices would you need to make.
It’s an interesting thought. Physical health, hygiene, social, academic, “time”.

“we’re all just killing time”. Wax philosophy with comedians.
What is that. Why is that so appealing to me? Its not true knowledge, it’s spoken, its malleable, it makes you laugh and smile, it makes you think, it creates an image/event/idea in your mind and you just go with it. You adjust your view, to suit or contrast and then you laugh.

I love my idea that laughing is an altered state of consciousness.
I love the idea that people function on different levels.
There is a common level,
Its human to try and organize life. To make it structured, like a house, or a skyscraper, or a dungeon.
But indeed, we are a meticulous race. We anticipate what will happen later today. I will have dinner with friends.
If you submit to that thinking, are there people that can expect other things to happen?
What’s the difference between having a plan, regardless of all other happenings on earth and playing chess.

I think I will start playing chess again. Maybe i’ll ask Edward, last time we played he beat me twice. Cunning fucker.
So do some people operate on a higher level than others? Yes/No?

I mean, (and this is what I’m talking about) ask me on another day I will say yes.
Moody? Fuck off.

Back to the point. Your brain is a muscle. Some people are more muscle-y than others. But what about technique?
This is the jock’s approach to understanding the brain. Classic.
Now i’ll explain the offside trap in football and relate it back to how a good defense is better than a good offense in both soccer, life and chess and as such all you have to do it be meticulously existentialist, a silent savant and you cannot possibly lose. You might draw though. 0-0. Nobody wants to watch that game.

No drinking on a school night kids. I’d like a glass of red, maybe i’ll treat myself. Its been a hard day of study.

Patrick Out!

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