Public Hole

Public Holiday.
Called TIM wished him a happy birthday.
PHISH – not afraid to write his own work.
Spelling errors and all. No technology, full expression.
Not proofed. Just done. Genius.

Watch a thing online with EL.
A guy, really good at voilin. Totally emmerssed.
Feel strange.
Wanted to punch the walls until my hands bled.
What a strange feeling to have.
Climbed the metal structure ovee thr road.
Snapped at mum
Studied poetry 101.
No shame.
It rained, I saw milly,
I ate alot of chashew.
Then I ate to make myself sick

I lay still for a while.
Waited until I could eat again.
Then I filled up on delicious curry.
Feel sick, the human body is amazing.
Farted alot.
Broke a rubberband.

Rode to the city, howling in the rain.
Pulled up next to the Belfry thing.
Ditched the bike, jumped a fence and stole 4 apple.
The rain came down.

Work tomorrow.
Drip, Drip Drip

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