Strange one

Strange old day today.
Woke up after a great night’s sleep.
Got ready to study,
Left the house.

Popped by the market on my way to study,
Bumped into friends.
Got a phone call,
Made plans for later with both caller and physical friends.
Bumped into acquaintences.
Further introduction.
Met up with friends pre-call.
Bought some women’s clothes.
Had fancy tea,
Thought critically towards my ideology of toilet logic.

Got quiet.
Felt angry.
Developed an anxious undertone.

Went home,
Burnt my mouth on soup,
Listened to Jodi Mitchell or someone with mum.
Played some cards,
Theorised over some poetry.

Burnt my mouth on corn.
Made a curry, burnt my mouth on curry.
Wrote down my ideas about Toilet Etiquette.

Eloise got me a ticket to a gig I really wanted to see.
She says I have to write an article for her, so sweet.
Went for a blitz around south hobart.
Ate some apples, looked at the bright lights.

ETTIQUETTE: Which ‘T’ is incorrect; the first, the second, the third of the fourth?

Tried a new fruit today. It was “floury”.
Also thought deeply about how people are ashamed of things.
Like spelling. Like speaking.
Practice, and don’t be ashamed.

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