Passed you by,
Those passing colours,
Mindset of why
Everything just blurs.

Head down,
A cough,
And frown
Sounds soft

Brains caged,
Wound uptight
Everyone’s aged
Foresight’s sigh.

The stressor
The reward,
Life’s short.
Cliche’s applaud.

(I wanted to delete below)
Painless death,
Death by sword.
Lessen my bored-OM.
Take a yoga class.

OM free me.
Take a bath
Relax in tee-tree.
By the hearth.

(blah, short attention span)

Ate alot of apples.
I worry that in my hear my thoughts can sometimes be grim.
Gotta surround myself with positive people,
Chill night in tonight.
I ate alot of apples.
She’ll be apples.

Invite her round, see her.
Life’s too short.

Making plans, drinking tea. Relaxing.
My cousin is looking well, we went for a jog today.
I’m excited for MOFO.

Readin and relaxing at the moment.
I want to be passionate about poetry.

I will learn now.


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