Its not like that.

I needed to be more tactical.
Recently I was studying in the library,
I looked down, noticing that the bottom button in my fly was undone.
The buttons either side of it were done up;
I tried subtley to correct the situation to no avail.
Without hesitation I undid the buttons to correct the broken link in the chain
That makes up the button up fly of my pants.
“Hmmmm tartan underpants, nice choice” i thougt to myself.

At this precise moment, me in. My booth, in the uni, alone and having just unbuttoned my pants to make adjustments a young girl stands up and walks past me. She glances,
Her eyes bulge! She statues her gaze forward.
-I see her train of thought, the pervertedness in misunderstanding.
I cringed, laughed unsuredly and waited for any hilarious repercussions.
There were none really.
But I do wonder what went through her mind.
I should be more considerate and show more tact next time.

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