Woke up early,
did my little exercise routine.
Had rockmelon,
Rode to work –
It was so cold tears streamed down my face.
Coffee machine was leaking.

11 o’clock I had a prac exam.
Zero study, just wanted to get my bearings.
Help me decide and all that.
Rode there, got it done.
Rode home,
Little exercise routine.
Studied, Ate, drank tea.
Went for a long jog.
Opened up my brain to hare-ing downhill.
What’s the worst that could happen.
Run, feel free.

Read over Drive’s seat,
Lay down for 10.
Went to work for 2 hours.
Then home to dinner.
I ate half a cake.
I disgust myself.
But my big brain was getting cloudy.
So food was needed

Awake at 5.30. Bed at 11.30.
What a day.

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