Hot Damn and some Hot Sauce!

I worked,
Spent time with a girl,
I got her a book about being an atheist.  I can’t even spell the word.
We had coffee (I’ve had too much)
We talked deeply. I enjoy her company.
I felt strange, attracted yet distance.
Awkward but chatty. Comfortable yet aware of myself.
I lead her around town,
I grazed at woolworths a little,
We had free tea at T2.
I came home and studied. Bidding her a confident good day.
Tomorrow work calls again.
Jobs done for the day,
I went for a short jog to clear my head.
I visited my sister where we talked life.
Explaining that I think i’m crazy,
and that they too are crazy.

Dad’s word. Crazy.
He is a patient man.
Mum is crazy.
My brother, sensible, strange and sadly crazy.
My sister, crazed at times.


I jumped into a strangers garden and picked 5 big green apples.
I ate them all on my way home.
Then I had tea.
Work tomorrow morning,
I sent texts to Declan and Kaito my two greatest friends.
I talked to Mitch recently, he looks well.

The world keeps on spinning,
I need rest to be admirable.
New sheets on the bed, costume for tomorrow is organised.
Practice exam might be a thing.
I will wear nice socks I think.

Jolly good.

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