June Legs

The month of legs has started interestingly enough.
Started with an arms workout, work, coffee, getting caught int the rain and buying windscreen wipers.
I said to a stranger I didn’t have a girlfriend but if I did i’d buy her flowers.
It was received in a way that I dismissed, I wondered why i’d bothered speaking.
Work is good.
I had a bath tonight, and ate pumpkin soup. Early to bed.
I though it was Tuesday. But it’s monday.

Anyway. Exams, yay I have 1 more day than I thought I did. Haha.
So LEGS. This months obsession.
I will read google, wikipedia, anatomy, bone structure, focus, massage, moisurise, only wear shorts, exercise, get educated, show off and perve… On legs.
Stay tuned baby cows!

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