All the strange

All the strange,
The weird and funny thoughts.
The effort we do and don’t take to pin them down.
We don’t surprise ourselves near enough.
Our student mentality, to write down our thoughts.

What we plan,
This ideas we tussle with,
That guide us through our days.

Our “needs”.
Small tasks, that just lay around until we complete them.
I need to change my bedsheets.
I’d like to ask out this girl.
I should eat less, demonstrate more control.
I could be smarter, I could easily study for this exam.
Bed! More sleep.
My nails need a trim.
I need to check that homebrew.
I need more shorts.
I should call centrelink.
Dentist aren’t cheap.
Maybe private health.
I should draw more.
I need to call Tim for his birthday.
What drugs do I need to buy this winter?
I want to go on an expedition, clear my head.
I need to make some plans,
Did I submit that English?
How can I help Kyia?
I need to watch some movie submissions.
I’d like to get some more sun.
I should check the gutters, its raining on the corrugated iron and it sounds great.
I wish I had more testosterone.
I feel like I’ve lost an edge.
Some of my friends don’t really put in that much effort.
I need to spend my time more wisely.
I should decorate my room.
I need to moisturise more.
Should I grow a beard?
My haircut is horrible.
That chocolate and vegemite isn’t that bad.
There are so many places in the world!
So many people and languages. Should I go to France? Would that be smart?
Travs birthday in a month, will I drink?
How is my home brew going now.
I need to drive more.
I need to do some situps.
I want to go to my one month of free yoga.
Books! Why aren’t I reading, I need to read more.
Game of Thrones has gone down the toilet.
I went to an old person’s house, they have no taste.
I looked at their shelves,
Reading some recipes for eggs.
Their ugly Australian children on the walls.
What’s wrong with me?
I want a tarpaulin sleeping bag. Waterproof.
A car,
In Europe.
Care free
Chase the summer
Meet beautiful people,
Seem interesting.
Dig life more.
Think harder,

Work and test myself.
The hook nosed man, skinny, standing on an iced over lake.
The hole cut in the ice, a line thrown in.
Surviving off the land. Easy. Food is everywhere.
Shelter. A toothbrush. Fuel for the car. A passion.
Music. – should learn.
The cello is so, so beautiful.

The skinny man is a spy. He poisons the king.
Their wine, drip.. drip. The entire council killed.
The chase is on. He is canny, cunning and battle hardened.
Wiry, he was trusted. Picking his moment. He dashes.

I taste salt in my mouth. Chamomile, vanilla, blood.

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