Here and the now.

Eggs, toasted rice crackers and cheese.
A jog.
Icecream in the rain
“PH-ish” Patrick Hall exhibition. (Amazing)

Talked to KJ.
got free icecream.
Talked to cousin Sam
Was highly motivated.
Planned on driving and seeing the football.
Plans changed.
Stayed home,
Ate a great lunch.

Kyia messaged me.
Exams soon.
Work timetable is big.

Had a shower,
My sister sticks her hair to the wall instead of letting it go down to fester in the plug grate. So it hangs there, defying gravity looking strange and disgusting. I dare not bring it up. I dare not care.

I thought for next months look I could wear yellow beanies and grow a neck beard.
That would be a laugh.
But I think i’ll focus next month on LEGS. Winter and the the puffy jacket.
Warmth is paramount, towards our surviving anyway; it is important.
So i’ll fight that. See if I get sick. See if I manage.
JUST SHORTS. Cut up some pants, focus on my legs and other people’s.

Today I went to the italian pantry in north hobart.
There was a blonde lady with a really great bum.
What do you say.
A funny ol’day.

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