Nap to the end of the Earth.

Ate cashews.
Drank a lot of coffee.
Went for a walk and talk.
Stopped, listened at a Korean church.
Bought detergent.
Bought ginger beer at the end of the earth.
Saw a few beautiful girls.
Remained focussed on my hangout.
Talked about philosophy.
Saw a guy vomit in a bag and eat three cheeseburgers.

Etre Avoir. Was a documentary.
The snow.
I drove, my car needs new windscreen wiper blades.
And a service.
Laughter as an altered state.
Laugh and forget.
-The science behind this fact.
Group think.
Watching other people,
Being a hypocrite.

Face, clothes, shoes game.
Ultra perception.
transport; bus and train
islands without deception.

Cold night.
Monday top of 8.
New month, new me.
yellow beanie
Neck beard.
Shorts ONLY?

Tomorrow plans; get it all done.
Dad leaves Sunday.
Triple heilux.
Cricket bat chat.

Young child memory.
Head through glass.
Locked my room,
with a dinosaur head.

How far I have come.
Stepped up.




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