What do you see.

Les canards.
I spoke. What do you expect.
We’re taught to expect from an early age.
As we are judged to a standard, expected of us.
The game.
The game begins and ends with you.
The war is on the surface,
But the struggle lies within.
Your thought,
switches and lightbulbs. cords. wiring. faulty. A short. Long twisting, like old phones.

Kiss me.
Talk at me, about me, around me, behind me.
Talk of your expectations.
Speak of what you bring.
Lay bare what you seek to achieve,
Bare your soul, say your piece.
Stand primal, bask in “YOU” as an afterthought.
Think vast thoughts, tell me of them.
I will nod. I will smile. I will try my very best.
To say nothing, you’re stage.

I stand witness; if that matters.
So be it.

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