Constructive procrastination today.

Found four dollars on the ground.

Went out Friday night, tried to stay in be all Saturday and failed.
Thought about becoming a spy full time.

Bought tea,
Bought coffee,
Drove around,
Did homework.
LIFE huh.

If we are the dreams of god.
And acknowledge that sometimes we are not his focus.
That some things ‘just don’t make sense’,
Indeed, anything is possible.
We have down time.
There are times when our minds feel like they aren’t our own.
If we are the reverb.
What we do,
What we’ve done,
We have done before and will do again.
Our expectant future,
Our creation, creativity, ideas and actions.
Then comes the destruction, simplification, original form.
The idealised. The end, marking a new beginning.

Colours, understanding, expectation.
Shapes, conversations, looks.
Forces, movement, acknowledgement.
We are the only witness to our own perception.
Dig it. Think big. Be it alone, be with friend or be in public.
Share if you feel the want.
Smile your burnt corn smile.
Spit venom and excite reaction.
Whistle or bleed. Laugh or cry.
Share or hide. Choose your way.

If we are dreams, we are guided.
Don’t try to make sense of them,
We are free, until we are called.
You and I may share a moment, concentrate.
What is the point?
Why do I exist?
Should I be so specific?
What is our purpose, as humanity?
How can we make our dreams a reality.
Can be become our own god?
Will we all survive if we keep birthing new life into our world?
The energy created from these beating hearts, is it strong enough?
Do we have the fuel to think and manifest our ideas.

As a people what is our goal.
What is more important?
The individual or the whole?
Which question is more easily answered?
Can we collectively come to a conclusion?
How do we find our voice?

The importance of voice.
Is the word voice different to “to be”.
We have a voice, and we have actions.
And from those we try to dictate lives of others, and our own.

These are my thoughts,
I’ve written them down for safe keeping.
Read them aloud, or act them out.

Find you.
Gather fuel.
Dig your perspective
Share if you please
Dream your dreams.
Live the dream.

I am blessed if I can witness.
Come and preach.
I am your rock.

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