There’s a title.

Man with never-ending bottle’o’beer found drinking in the shower.

Ate a whole box of chocolates yesterday,
I was depressed.
Ironic because the chocolates were for a friend and a family member of mine opened them before I had a chance to wrap them up. (I left them on the kitchen table).
“oh these aren’t my chockies… better eat them” That sort of mentality.
Not worth getting angry about I know.

Then I watched Burn After Reading, with Brad Pitt and Clooney.
Second worst film I have EVER seen. Those bastards.
Clooney especially, the nerve of that guy.
First Solaris, now Burn After Reading.
If it wasn’t for Three Kings he’d be black listed. (what else has he done anyway?)
Sad older women, I think of your demi-group too often.
Like when I buy someone a birthday card or see the words “large caramel latte”.

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