Moi, Dreary me!

Dear Di-ary,

You cried today.
Such a gentle-
and fragile spirit.

I remember something
Dec’s girlfriend said
“I haven’t time-
for your tears”

Such was her want
her will to say
Just as easily to walk away
Say nothing, lest be blunt

Why do we hurt those close to us
What drives us to such measures
The venom in our cuss
Spoken as if of our own pleasures.

The way we share,
Attention drawn here and there.
Point or speak or touch
Our demands, we demand so much.

You go on crying,
Continue on overlooked,
Contently scrying.
Go back to your book.

If i could
Shake you awake,
Alive! What good?
For heaven’s sake.
Quaking where we stood.

Blood of your blood
Depressed, you have made
How can I wipe away this mud
How can i sate this tragic fade.

Is your soul rotten?
I think not.
Chop, Chop, Chop.
The fire sparks to life.

Why are you depressed dear?
Steer us, what can be done?
The fire roars, cracks and sears.
Aye-me a son witness your life undone.
Just as your flood, wrenches for tears.

Wretched and aged.
This rut that has been built.
Looking inward, I gauged
The rot of one stilt.

The foundations they crumble,
Wash and tumble away on the tide
Souls cried a deep timbre, the rumble.
I want to leave, leave your side.

Away I float with other leaves.
On the surface of clear blue
Not there for your griefs
To leave with the coming wet
The seasons change
No time, for emotion, out of sight out of mind.
I feel better for it, to’ve left it behind.

Your age is a baggage,
but that’s not all.
You want to play games.
I stand alone in the kitchen.

You say cards or backgammon.
Chances of and for fun
I don’t want to play games ma-mon
You’ve been beaten enough.

Your loss is no gain to me,
Your victory no great thing.
The life you bring to be
Solemn is what I sing.

Soon I’ll be like you,
Soon soon soon.
Not for a while, true.
From the light of the sun, to the glow of the moon.

One pass.
Different and changed
Gauge what you will.
Will from your tears.

Find a future that is bright,
Internalised over years.
Give back to us our sight.
Blanket us from fears.

Night terrors,
Until day breaks.
Drying the lakes
Dead leaves and feathers.

This duck, duckling.
No longer stuck, or suckling.
Spreading wings,
Winds and tides brings.

No knees buckling.
Scaled legs, sun on the range
A new day.

We’ve made it.
Cant you see?
Trials, tribulations to highlight.
You aren’t a fish on a hook.

There’s more. So
Reside. Be cool.
Say what you will
Cry and cry.

It makes no difference.
Start a war, gain followers.
Be remembered.
“Its stupid” what did they all die for.
An idea. Talked about years later.
In a time where everyone talks
jests jokes, stares but not personably.
Is that worth crying for?
Do your knees buckle now?
Young dove? Your feathers ruffled.
Old duck, your passing is tragic.
But the beauty of that isn’t muffled of hid.
Dig it. That’s what I would bid.
You don’t like crowds? are you ashamed?
ASHAMED. There’s an idea.
I feel we’re a nation living in fear.
Not of terrorism, who has time for that?
We’re afraid to put ourselves out there.
Hiding under our hat.
We’re happy to stare, climbing out way up.
Growing, our tails wagging like some kind of pup.


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