Broken World

Can vegans eat Oreos? I hear they can. That’s strange right, who cares.

Saw Alfred play the drums tonight, he was rude to me last time I saw him,
but my god can that cat play.

Stood behind an eccentric old lady, it was cold so I sat down. She was strange.
She rubbed her wrists and moves her hands.

The cellist looked like he was talking while he was playing:
Infact I believe he was, his own lyrics to the waltz they were playing,
he looked deranged.

Today I stood at a turning circle and watch all the types of people.
For they came to me, telling nothing but revealing much.

Could they apply their adult perspective to the mind of this child?
Would they see reason, the slow turn out?

Hold your breath. Drip
Body airtight, Splash
Don’t breathe. Gush
Lest you become-
the victim. Whoosh.
of a stabbing. Drip.
Don’t let the rain in.

“when you dribbled, you said don’t let Warrane in.”
I want you to know that.

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