Good student

Walked to uni today.
Ate cereal
Put a french test in the binny-bin-bin!
What’s the main theme in ‘Dexter’?
My cooked as business lecturer mentioned “EMERGY”
Some kinda made up force out there in the world. Hahah.
Then he slipped up and accidentally called it Energy and had to corrected himself.
The cat’s outta the bag dude. Game is up.
Its just energy.

Then I did a quizz and some french prac
Then I did a couple pages describing the learning process i’ve undertaken.
Then I cracked out a Reflection Piece.

That right there is a ‘then poem’ 1^2^3^
So yeah, reflection-
suck up, blame yourself for extra brownie points.
Fuck me right.

I’m looking forward to going to the botanical gardens this weekened.
Check out the autumn trees.
I wanna get back into some poetry,
find myself a good book.
Get some sunshine!
I need sleep now-
More than the dentist.

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