What did I eat.

Where the fuck do people get off being fussy.
With that said, I wrote a review after dinner tonight.
Pa was in a horrible mood, I had to be careful.
He’s overworked. The co-boss guy he worked with died.
Massive hear attack. Two weeks before he retired i’m told.

It was mum’s birthday today.
55! Meaning she was born year of the rat.
The cat killed a rat and brought it inside to start the day.
No kidding! Haha, isn’t that strange.
I handed in an assignment, pretty bungled effort.
I tried. Truly. I need to re-learn the ways of the student.
I went for a brief walk.

Did a model shoot for some friends of friends,
Treated myself with some chocolate and sunflower seeds.
Feeling social I dropped in on some pals.
Talked to Jaz, got a microsoft word tutorial from Sol.
Looked at watches.

Caught up with my pal J.
Bumped into Hugo’s dad.
Called the Melbourne guys.
Stared at the clouds,
Chatted with my sister.

What will tomorrow bring?

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