Tree Tree Apples

I walked down the path
I watched the waves
Yes, yes, babbling brook
A stream song sang

Above the wash
Feet most dry
Looking at birds
Watching them fly.

Seagulls, HO! Rats with wings
Rovings to and fro’ the tip
The mountains top snowcapped
And lo the river sings.

Put down the gun
Down the food


I’m going to write a children’s book. “Chilean-book” “Chillen-book”
take a page outta your own… suggestions. Mr word document spell correct. Furrooooout.


What came first said he our man.
One, two or tree?
Notice he was prone to plan
Sketch the rest of the counting steps.
The steps of ‘would’ were to be
Mostly made of one, two, tree.

The tree he chose,
As everyone knows
Was the tree, tree-apple, tree.
He chose this one,
for two good reasons.
One for good apples
Leaving two trees with bees in!
Now, these brought the bears on
who grappled for seasons
and after high treason
and a feast full of gease-on
plates with pigs mouths-on


These happenings went on.
But eventually stopped!
With the wood from the one tree
The man could now see-
to the wood that he chopped
And on page one
The man wrote to his son.
One, Two…Three!
Tree Apples, tree .



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