Make it a double

What happens now?
Don’t say it out loud.
Say nothing at all.
not one god damn fucking thing.
Your voice is a crime.
Listen to the world, the world you are-
if actual fact: very much a-part.
a part?
A light
A circuit
A plug
A switch.
A germ
Trying too hard?
Or not trying hard enough
Making people envy you,
causing ripples? Treading softly?
Who is aware of you?
This degree saps me,
These degrees of separation
The degree of my ignorance,
My state of mind,
Lack of understanding,
Energy firewalled.
The belly, desire.
My youth eeps.
The drying cement,
Just a brick in the building of a step.
In which direction?

My torn, makeshift, unwelcome, disposition.
ragged beneath my flesh.
Giant moths, worms and spiders eat away at me.
My eye balls once wooden
now swelled, unblinking, wet with a gloss.
Reflecting the world
Streams of tears ripped from my chin by the gravity,
Ground’s eager greeting,
to smash of these man made droplets.
Undefining you.
Your worth
Claiming your feelings,
You are not the salt of the earth.
Such offering is sand to Jupiter.
Time will claim it all back.
Save your vengeful thoughts.
Your mind, if you’re lucky will be the last thing you surrender.
If I surrender mine think no less of me.

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