Little gem

Ever since I was young I’ve always said to people, when I advise them on something, I would often close with “…said the sheep to the cow”.
Tonight I did what I always do nowadays and stopped myself.
“Hey man trust me, we can cross the road (…….)”
I thought it. But I didn’t say it.

Then I decided to truly think about what it was I say, and WHY.
I always figured it was a Playschool or maybe Sesame Street reference?
Perhaps a book I read as a kid. “Said the sheep to the cow” -sounds like quite a title.

So I did the obvious thing and thought about what i’d just said, followed by what I wanted to say and the circumstances usually surrounding my weird impulsive slip of the tongue.
“C’mon dude we can cross the road” “BAAAAAA-MOOOO”
Bad Move? “BAA MOO”?
Surely there is some inherent genius hiding away in this something cockney-rhming-slang-esque.
Get sherlock holmes or shakespear on the phone. The levels. Oh the levels.
Then I laughed to the stars because in my own world for a moment I’d displayed enough of a
glimmer to be a genius and I thought to myself. “There are billions of people out there, most of whom I wont get to meet; each with their own spark, their own glimmer of something smart, superb and special”. Sad eventuation i’ll admit, but hopeful in the sense that I truly believe  everyone has that bit of magic in themselves, if only to surprise and find joy from their own mind.

I saw a comedy tonight with some friends.
It was grande. It was Birdman and Egg. Quite a talented show. All in all.
No spoilers here.

I made jokes in the break, just to my close friends.
Why doesn’t Elton John like lettuce?
Because… He’s more of a ROCKET MAAAAN!

Then I got ambitious and dropped some knowledge about the world being your oyster.
“So the world’s your oyster is it?” Pretty random stand alone statement…
So you only like it when you’re older?
Its an acquired taste?
Better with… LEMON? What kind of -ade are you making now?
The world is unique in flavour? And slippery?
Do I chew on this “oyster”?
The world should be taken with a grain of salt?
Too philosophical?
Back in my shell?

The world is my oyster…

I am an ant.

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