A great thought day

Am I doing what I enjoy?
How can I measure that against other things I could do?

I could not do what i’m doing, and just surf for the rest of my life.

Get outside your house and look back inside.
Home spun philosophy.

The great thought though.
The great thought!
“The Author is Dead”

No, no no. This isn’t a cry for help.
Its just that while an author is alive,
the welcome ambiguity humanity revel in
when the creator isn’t around to tell us “the point”,
We lap it up. We come up with our own opinions.

WE create as a people, a great body of opinion.
We share, we view things differently, we OVERANALYSE.
Given enough time, an idea can rocket from almost nothing-
into the most poignant, relevant, life affirming, creative thing on the face of the earth.

Let us
Fence with four syllable words!
But know
People have different social levels.

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