Such a positive day

So much to do!
Life is short and today’s achievements barely recognised on the grande scale.
What’s the point, strike me down.

But no! A jog, a belly full of food, chit-chat with a friend and a black coffee the world can sometimes just roll over. And it has done just that. Today was my oyster, and though I may not have enjoyed all this in my younger years: -like oysters- my acquired tastes were in for a treat.

I’ve listed all that is required of me over the next few weeks. French study is prominent over the next few days that’s for sure.

Guess i’ll get back to it. No great ideas, no poetry. JUST mundane catchups with friends etc.
I do worry that I drink too much fizzy drink. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. (no booze at a pup is tough)

This I will need to address in the coming months. Alcohol is bad, more than a pint of fizzy is bad. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

I’d like to give blood sometime soon. That would be nice. Maybe on my days off if i’m not too busy studying. Then i’ll get a blood test, make sure i’m all good in the hood.

Here’s some Yeats. Comin’ up.

I watched Game of Thrones tonight, just 1 episode.
But television is bland, so we’re all on the same level there.

Indignant at the fumbling wits, the obscure spite
Of our old Paudeen in his shop, I stumbled blind
Among the stones and thorn-trees, under morning light;
Until a curlew cried and in the luminous wind
A curlew answered; and suddenly thereupon I though
That on the lonely height where all are in God’s eye,
There cannot be, confusion of our sound forgot,
A single soul that lacks a sweet crystalline cry.

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