Been the Melbourne and back!
Flight out, flying with Virgin. Sprite and a pack of nuts. What a dream.
6.20 flight means the sunset was off starboard. It was a glorious glow.
Full sky rainbow. Red on the horizon, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
I ate dutch licorice and just soaked it in.

Landed in Melbs, played table tennis, talked some shash and went clubbing.
REVS to the death, the lights came on dancing continued, girls girls girls.
We went to the park with a small crew. One girl in particular Lilly(?) was awesome.
Then we hit the cafe, had some free coffee and sat back, digging life.
My sister and I were in town at the same time so she dropped by. I was 100% somehow,
functioning on another level to everyone else.
Tim Calabria jokes, star jumps.

The guy in the Red Hilux experience [nearly kills me reversing onto the kerb, leans out his window and says]: “where the pussy at”.
He got me good.

Laughter all round.

Then to the beach! I ate a cucumber and an apple and a gross banana.
Had a virgin mary from galleon – St Kilda beach, doing good.
Saw Jon, got some more free coffee (I’m royalty haha)
Then walked to Brunswick. Kaito catch up [he’s doing really well]
And finally Masters for a small pool tourney. Which I won. *so cooked, got a lift home to bed, via a burger and some chips. Collapsed.

Party last night. Made a friend or 2, chatted some shit, boogied. Raised the eyebrow at Tim Parrot. He can get nothing from me from this point on. If you aren’t even going to try, you can fuck yourself. Cool dudes break bottles, as he did.

Sleep in Sunday. And here we are.
Study Study.

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