Its getting cold

Feeling a bit full at the moment.
Ate a touch too much.
Had a great chat with an aspiring dietician.
Coffee, Asthma, Digestion, Depression.

I’ve been flushed today. Not sure what that’s all about,
didn’t even get any sun.
Dad came home with more energy that the rest of the family combined;
which was a laugh. I think he ate too much food and just piqued right out.

It’s getting colder and colder, as the year rolls ever closer to the winter month.
Really not looking forward to it.

A Winter’s Poem

A clever creature is the snake,
Who spends his winter not awake;
He snuggles in his long thin bed
And brews up poison in his head.

The human is a different sort;
He spends the winter watching sport;
He yells abuse in concrete stands
And empties out his poison glands.

I should say, nothing amazing.
No great expectation. Just a lovely little Leunig poem.
It rhymes and it makes me think of England.

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