Went to emergency ward today straight from work; nothing quite like a swollen up leg out of nowhere (spider bite -still remains a mystery-) to get you into gear.

Sidenote: 5 hours in ER. My friends make burgers and miss me out. In my own fucking home. -HOW DO YOU EVEN MAKE FRIENDS LIKE THAT-

During my lengthy stay, I had 3 doctors (1 in training) 2 nursers (one was horrible) and the always pleasant fun time happy go lucky rainbow adventure that is “needle time”.

let me clarify! “I’m fine. I’m great with needles. Jab me all day. Bring out the rookies…”

“Oh you actually did. ”

-Holy shit this always happens to me-

is that the vein bro?!NOMANGIVEITAWIGGLE. And i’ll just laugh about it. (It felt that way, wiggle wiggle he still fucking missed.) missed on the second attempt, on my other arm too.

-Now let me just point out, my veins are shit, i’m not that guy with them jutting out everywhere, I use to be a fat kid,

I always ate lots of butter. I’m just super regular and I don’t lift weights or try to get jacked at the gym. TT on SS.

So they turned me into a pin cushiom, had to call someone else to stick a needle in me, then I got a horrible nurse that:

(I fucking swear by this) somehow made my IV drip painful.

Instead of getting mad I laugh at things like that.. So today I laughed alot.

i’ve been up since 4am and went to bed at 11. Australia won, Chelsea drew, and I lost.

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