Cleaning up, moving out, heading home.

I’m procrastinating! My leg is infected. I shouldn’t be in a sitting position as it doesn’t help circulation.
Also it’s lovely outside. Also… I wanted to start that art project. Oh yeah the washing… I love that shirt. Better brush my teeth again. And shower. And clean the grill in the kitchen.

No wait Blogging.
Gifts to friends.
Postcards yes! Write and send postcards.
It is nice outside, would walking be good for my leg?
I need to take my meds.
Maybe i’ll read.
Ok reading is done.
Time to blog.
Procrastination you say?

On a seriously disgusting note. I haven’t had sex this year. I’m also not going out and drinking, and I’m working full time. So I haven’t really got that going for me. haha
But the reason I bring it up, is because I was cleaning the bathroom and I found a used condom that had…
-well how do i put this-
Fossilized. Underneath the sink, wash basin.

My first instinct was to laugh, pick it up and bin it.
Then as I realise it’s almost melted into the wood paneling, I also realise it’s probably not even mine.
-And is that BLOOD?
*GAG* holy fucking guacamole! What am I DOING?!
*Wash wash wash my hand with soap, detergent, bleach, fire.* forever unclean.

So I message my housemate, and he explains it isn’t his. That it’s been there for AGES. He just left it there! Because I: JUST LEFT IT THERE.
Obviously at that time I was caught up in the moment and forgot to bin it.
But my housemate though… He new!
He new it was there and he did nothing. Didn’t even bring it up. For months!
How could he have slept? [the bathroom is next to his room]
If by some twisted Frankenstein-y miracle that thing came to life. He was a goner.
After hours of scrubbing, a zip lock bag, the mission impossible soundtrack and some serious cleaning agents.
All evidence been erased of that twisted, nightmarish geological find.
I’m ashamed in a hilarious kind of way.

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