In Line

There was a person in the line, looking down and eating time. The woman who was just ahead, looked to the brochure that she claimed said: “the cat food’s cheap, check page two!” The server was cool like me and you. Said “yes, indeed, while that IS true – alas, this magazine’s from back in June”. The shopper wasn’t defeated, and yelled about being mistreated. And with my way STILL impeded, I witnessed as the cashier pleaded. From front to back she flicked, checking September’s issue quick. Suddenly a manager was called, and not so suddenly appeared. By which time, I was not to cheered. When the register next to me opened trade, a second mistake was made. I’d checked my phone, and in that time – I’d been pipped by everyone from the back of the line. With my chance, to advance lost, I begun to calculate the cost. This multi kilo cat food bag, and the warbling nonsense of the brochure hag. Not to mention the rudeness of those behind, and the cashier who didn’t seem to mind. Etiquette, was damned and in that moment I took things into my own hands. I stood up on the conveyor belt and thus was how my anger felt. Some abuse and anger was vented at the shop. Then I stomped the bag of cat food, which made a satisfying pop. I kicked a gallon of detergent on the floor, then ran like hell through automatic doors.

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