thunder song

Free thought, training thumbs exercise brain muscle, organ, noodle, walnut whatever. Test it, press it: green. Red stop. Wine wine sine fine dining shingling mining rock hat bulldozer wattle, limp, eating faulty, dancing hating, talking, introducing, resting, resting, thunder clouds eat the hunger In me. Old lit up energy less a polarity of children, drool and hope and crawling, games and scones and cream and jam and prices that won’t stop wasting my friendships tasting like wine. Money wasting, my casing my choice, my friendship. Odd ball, lost it, costed it. I’m perfect, I’m fine, nothing hanging on my line. Extend a branch, put on some ranch, hope it’s fance’. Shirt and bills, unbutton clips, wattle, throttle, garbage dump, sickly pump, work and the noble effort of making the world a better place, industryindustry. How do you justify your existence when all you have is useless hopeful feckless reckless attrition narratives that waste and chill, waste and chill and drill at your heart. It’s a static start. Walmart, taking tarts and replacing them with your heart. Breath in, breath out – cardio. Cardigan, hard again, messages from you make me think back to when we were together. A complete, unreality of how I was. Brain changing dramatically from then to now. I’m looking back thinking “who was that” and we’re they happy? An I better now, or worse? I’m bias. Bi, hi, hi us. Higher than us right now, in the clouds of rust and red and poisoned lead in my bed. That’s what she said, hole in the head, take your meds, and you beads as you bled and you bleed, vains don’t bleed if nothing seeds, collect your bees and sail the seas and look back. Flying, dying Dutchman. Clutch man, ocean waves that gave naves faves when they brave the back side. Ocean wide, suicide, water slide, sick with pride, razors, hair tingle, intermingle, if your single pop pringles, drink a thimble of oregano. Ten time a day, don’t stray. Silly kid, intelligence remembrance, book take a look at a master’s idea of happenstance, existence your fitness, princess and princes bubble up, bite strike a light and turn it over, turn it on, long gone song of mountains wronged, hit a bong, country song, fight King Kong, sound the gong, eat like a Mong. Hungry hungry songs


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