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Increasingly new challenges for A and B to see eye-to-eye.                                                                                                               

This presents a challenge to communicate effectively given that people… I think that this it true.

I feel that leaders need to be able to navigate workplaces which are made up of people from different backgrounds and upbringings. Similarly, technology is an ever-increasing part of our daily lives and plays a large part in everyday interactions through social media and other channels such as email and entertainment.                                         

Technology provides a conduit for all manner of communication.

Next there is the point of ‘shifting the balance of power’ which seems like an empty statement that asks for a definition as it lacks a frame of reference beyond that of a ‘leader/follower’ or master/slave dynamic.

The struggle and consolidation of power is ongoing, but stems from legitimacy, of which there are three kings.

These provide a basis for which we can use to situate the different kinds of legitimacy for those in positions of authority and power. Similarly, if we look at leaders we might consider how they influence people, and why people choose to follow.

I think that the idea of leaders becoming weaker and followers becoming stronger is ridiculous. There are different types of situational context which encourage different leaders and leadership styles.

A leader is someone with desirable knowledge, skills, attributes and abilities that play a unique role in any situation whereby an individual demonstrates a competence that others lack. Not only this, but leaders are able to bring out the qualities of their group members and unite them in a collaborative team.

Understanding the diverse motives of each group member and being able to communicate a shared purpose in any situation can unify and help people contribute. Ultimately, technology is a platform or megaphone for sharing ideas while culture presents a variety of individual and collective differences in belief, behaviours and slanderous-Lazarus!
–son of gun.

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