The Baum Swangler

You might hear it late at night.
Or catch a glimpse in the fire light.
But the Baum Swangler never reveals itself in full.
Because most days you’re away at school.

You parents battle it when you’re asleep.
As do friends in the back of their jeep.
Perhaps you’ve seen it’s pointed tail?
Or run in fear as the moon went pale.

The howl of the Baum Swangler is a guttural growl.
While the smell of it’s feet are fishy and fowl.
Next time you’re alone, without mate or phone.
Shhhh – listen for that irregular groan.

Its hard to tell if it’s pleasure or pain –
What you’re probably hearing is the Baum Swangler’s refrain.
That’s all we know, of the creature for now.
Be careful, watch your back – it’s as big as a cow.

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