Birth of Idetect

idetect – invisible I

detect – visible I

IDETECT – The miscarriage A

I detect is the unseen presence of letters in every action. While this presents a similar difficulty to that of representation, the meaning highlights the dissembling nature of subjective unawareness. All the while an instance of Idetect, misses its meaning through inferred absence, whilst acknowledging that anything perceived as cryptic or mystic are, self described in their presentation.The written word then, is a script of pre-informed meaning. Once agreed upon, this evokes what the authors and readers can be made aware of, which is always the ‘other’ the presence of a similar self of infinite iterations and stances. Usage of text and the run-on of symbols, allow for regressive and transformational inaccuracies. So common are these discursive practices that when asked to trace thoughts the warren of reason draws out a gaze and demands the script of idetect. This task, in and of itself, floods with imperfection and poor copies. Flavours and significance are then devoid of extra-lateral symbolic inference. Idetect is all that is missed in writing. A lost letting, both symptomatic of cultural differences as well as historic mistaken identity. An excavation here is required, to dig down into the layering, and then finely brush through the dust. As all you would need to miss a letter, or lose your fitting in the wrung of a ladder. A moment, a mistake are all that it takes to run an mis-errand.

So which letter is missing?

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