They surmised he had some kind of ailment or affliction of the mind. Such was the nature of his accident. A regular on his bus route commented that perhaps it was his ex wife that troubled him so.

On the 6.04pm bus past the sandy bay housing estate along the main road, at the corner of sandy bay and the first bottle shop junction, a large white building haunted with the foam and feelings of older generating he would honk as he passed by. Each time, every night for 4 and a half years – not one sick day was ever taken, not leave. Every day he would honk. Sounding the hurt and the knowledge that he passed her block. A horn in the evening fade of summer or winter black.

I told a kid tonight that I honked because my ex wife lives on that corner. Really I’m just bored, bored with it all and it brought humor and mystery to my behaviour. A dirty and strange habit. Maybe our likes are perverse. So I told a white-lie, so what? If they want me to justify they can have something, a noting secret, really it was just a quirk, my quip at their meaningless travel. I drove them, insanely I took them places. You’ve got to laugh.

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