When teaching was undertaken by technology. The robots. Deep, flat voices- internal, electrodes.

Meaning and understandings from newborn to 29 months. a throbbing feeling. A cocoon, of cast and inatural mirrors. Sounds and responses. Taught, manipulated- faces. Smile, instruct, milk, vomit.

Sanitary smells of sickness. The alphabet. Eating it all up. Horror and tone and light. Thrumming, bouncing sleep. Excitement, an

Isolation and control. Ingrained fear. Phobia and the strange plucking observations. Chicken like movement, beads. My history, raised on computers, movements and I’ll reflections. Each we share. The bells, my heart, these unblinking eyes. Vitals. My observations, charts, screens, blips and blobs. Always scratching at me, measuring blood. Fleshy pink pin cushion. I’m 5 now- I remember only a little bit of my time. Raised by computers, a steel whet nurse. Ink drying that marks my ID number. Barcoded. Bars, tracking, prison, awaiting work. Recite the poems. Recidivist. Recidivist. Recidivist.

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