I remember-

Putting wet washers on an ex girlfriends back. Caring.

I remember my brother telling me that my old coin collection wasn’t worth anything.

I remember debating with my dad if it was a wasp or a bee. (It was a bee)

I remember my brother and father telling me that they saw the Easter bunny outside in the back yard, it was raining and they were laughing. My mum told me the truth.

I remember my mother.. As I walk in the door to my hotel, a woman is smoking. She apologizes. I say not to worry about it. It reminds me of someone.

For me: Winning is, Winning the heart of people.

The fat woman in my hotel spoke about the lie of climate change this morning. I had to drink some coffee to brighten my mind, disengage sir.

We watch the television to confirm our happiness in a world full of problems and injustice.

Pork tornadoes

Smuckers Jam- 100

Chain reaction popcorn effect.

Love languages:

Touch –

Acts of service –

Quality time –

Words of affirmation –

Gift giving –

Lots of renovations –

Cab driver : silence

Queen parachutes into the super bowl

Betty white – actress


We all got up. We all got dressed. Breakfast was an event, or non. We may have showered, some of us are thinking about other things, later we will speak. I’ll give you one-minute to relax into the day. To warm up and create order in yourself, so that you might listen ………………………………………………. (sixty dots).

I landed in Syracuse, it was late. I didn’t have the heart to share a cab with the two students from Oswego, blaming it on me having barely enough fuel in the tank to converse.

I hailed a cab, a big hammy Indian picked up my bags like and swung them easily into the trunk.

I decided to sit in the back. I handed him the directions to the my hotel, he said “speak, I don’t read”.

So I dictated. He confirmed, as the cab rumbled along.

“Lots of renovations going on at the airport,” I said.

Silence. A minute passed

“Are you from round here?”


I was very pleased, drained and off balance. The rest of the ride was quiet. Traveling alone from state to state, hotel to hotel can be isolating. Social energy stores and then festers. It felt perverse having my foundations float away into nothings.

I thanked the Indian graciously when I arrived safely at the hotel.

I walked in and told the receptionists. They laughed and said “welcome to Syracuse”.

It was a classic case of sadness in the big city.

I thanked them for their help and bid them goodnight as I walked away to the elevators.

They said nothing.

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