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The short story ‘form’ is something that the magazine publishes, however the content of an entire magazine should hang together and be unified. As such it’s quite reasonable to entertain the idea that a short story written around the experience and culture of Autralian youth it bound up in a changing identity . With affiliations to Australian identity, bound up in a larikan mentality – rich with genocide, outlaws and criminals the possibilities for tangential growth there are definitely opportunities for a Tasmanian renaissance, reovolution and fashioning. There’s certainly room for nuance and reimagining in the Tasmanian magazine space.

Right the way through, the issue tracks changes in big and small politics from feminism to housing. With the huge rage and the freedom to accept written works deemed ‘excellent’ Island presents an opportunity for a variety of submission types.

The emerald green of the trees and sapphire blue of ocean -gag.

The removed from the hubbub of traffic jams and the blistering proximity of the equator. In amongst the old growth forests, nature reserves and green gullies, the Tasmania people thrive. This sense of community is one that acknowledges the difference of setting and enjoys the livelihood of more than just farming. All the while from the opening tone of the editor and chief, there is an the important recognition of the dualism between reading and writing. Without one, there is no use for the other. It’s through this measure of acknowledgement that the magazine sustatins its readership and engages with the wider audience of mainland Australia and the world.

The works are reflective of the cultural diversity and historic richness in Tasmania. These function to represent a general public and nuance views. Herein the intended audience of Island can be perceived as being anyone with a vested interest in any of the overarching principles of reading, writing culture and ideas. The fulcrum of a magazine which collaborates and publishes only works of excellence is that there is buy in from the Australian population. The granular point being, that people read and write for different reasons, at different times, to unique and vastly different topics. Situated thus, the Island ‘sandpit’ can be seen as a welcome invitation to join in a conversation between people from vastly different world views. In acknowledging this, the celebration of Australian Art and Culture has a platform from which a populace may share with one another whether they seek new knowledge, respite, identity confirmation or an altered perspective .

The content of the magazine presupposes a level of interest in the unique setting and characters of Tasmania. Bound up in each issue’s pages are poems, stories, articles, interviews, artworks & photographs. Each of these in turn add a layering to the complex and unique taste plate of Tasmanian fare.

The issue in question speaks with high praise of the lifestyle that’s bundled in with Tassie living, how things have changed since apple farming and paints a positive picture of the future. Digging down into Australian identity, Island excavates with precision the change of focus which has seen us turn from being the mere ‘Apple Isle’ into being a powerhouse arts both inspired and driven to be a positive and sustainable catalyst for change, form the politics of equality to the economics of the universal income.

An island state that is steeped in history , with a bright and blossoming future.

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