Game & Call

I dreamt of a new game.
like chess (on the same board)
A king – roll a dice. How much you roll is how many raspberry shaped people you get in support.

Go around the circle, place your soldiers wherever you like. (however many you rolled)
In my dreams i rolled a two.

Like blood bowl. Roll to assail armound/defense.
If you beat defense. place piece on side.
If you attack with king your roll is doubled, but your turn ends.

Fallen pieces can be killed once they are prone.

I got a missed call at 6am this morning.
I called it back and a harsh Aussie voice said “speak cunt” and then told me I had called them at ALL HOURS midnight and four am earlier in the week. I explained that my name was Patrick and that they were mistaken.
It was a group call. A very strange discussion.

I hung up.

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