Machine Gun Fellatio

I tried to talk to you,

But I can’t get past the weather.

A friend I thought I knew,

Found something somewhere better and here I am. Thinking dark thoughts after an in-sobering dinner. Tired, just tired and the ringing in my ears can’t deafen

The honesty I feel. You shine most brightest. It’s time



To change.

Rattle rattle. My skull, all that recycling out the window. Late night beers, me fears and your tears. Tear, trays, teats, tots, tits and

Low energy. Uncooked blatant tiredness.

How was the thing? Good

How was that other thing? Good.

Ok going back to bed. And that’s why I don’t write this. Call it a

Loss of words; like my “pregnant delusional”… but I feel like we’re NOT the same. We’re drifted. Since then, let’s make this split amicable, easily able to move on- loved and fine as per; no stress, easy, 2 weeks no friends and fine the decision’s made. Being skipped, not a part of it.


Damned soft

Skin sorted and scammed

For scanning and friendship’s sake, my sale of My souls is cheap and nasty as a chap of unwavering stollen. Bread lost if breAd found for dogs. Fuck you, ducking off for a goodnight. Fowl eggs and goose of reason. See how I feel tomorrow. Goodbye this.

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