Bubbling lips

She stole the keys to the sky.
My mistress,
Overcast distress.
She melted the key on her bosom and let the golden droplets drip through her fingers, falling to the lake below.
Like half formed bullets they fall.
Steam hissed up as grey snaking pillars. Angrily spiraling to the heavens.
Dark storm clouds rolled in and pelted the landscape with icy sleet.
Her wings were washed, feathers plucked.
More steam, busting clouds from her exposed skin. The fire of her heart could not be doused. A tumbling whirling element of cloud surrounded her. Fiery and fierce the elements fought.
The melted key, broken down and forgotten.
Eruptions of sound and sizzling gas broke as thunder in enshrouding clouds.
Black and grey, deep dark blues without border melted forth as far as the eye could see. The sky was locked. Her cry was fury. Wet heat radiated down.
Pulsing streams of acidic water rained down.

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