Bear bones to meaning-
sustained only by out backlog of sustenance.
Sicknesses wealth. Whirling worlds,
wake and wain withal words wicking.
Alight fires blister afright with loss of love at night.
the expulsion of chronic liason.
Haircut foiled.
Puzzled hesitation – he falls.
Writing skeletons with glowstick smiles.
Move away excited and changed.
It was good to see you-
That’s all I wanted. Some time together,
walking talking chapping, chatting toying with ideas.
Not so malnourished with thoughts of helping and talking to others.
The outsiders; whisking me off my feet with their outsiderness.
Asp poison licks my heart.
Flicked cards darting past eyes.
Lists of ailments, flutter with whisps of fate.
Belated gifts, thoughts of she.
Tones dining for reflection.

Kissing hellos under a rainspotted umbrella.
Cordially lost lovers.
Pantyhose- flutter with random stretches.
Curls of grey. Blue and red.
Rain sodden humour passes my lips.
Such disconnect from my body –
games I am not invested in.
How could I possibly show investment.
The want to win, competiotion’s lure.
Tongue of acid.
Prim tyre. Atypical slogan for the lost.
67 percent of the novel completed.
Look at my skin. Running father.
Tired sister. Negative brother.
Hopefully we’ll change.
I need to move, hide, change and relax.
Story teller in me.
Self promote.
Lost luck in love.

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